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Distortingmirror Outdoor - Composit

€ 900,00 (without VAT 21%)
Product code 103-92
Net weight 30,00 Kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 12 x 68 x 150 cm

Smile mirror outdoor - Composit

Explanation of the options for the smile mirror outdoor


The dimensions that are standard available for the smile mirror outdoor are 150 and 180cm high (59,06 and 70,87 inch high). You must add the overhangs at the top and bottom. The gross sizes are 164 to 194cm (64,5 to 76.4"). Depending on the mounting of the smile mirror, you can make the part with the overhangs expire, or close it with the optional lid set.



For a real outdoor distortingmirror you naturally order stainless steel. We supply ''Mirror 8'' finish, which means that the stainless steel has been polished for so long that it has become a mirror.
We only mount the best:
Stainless steel 316, high rust resistance, for use in salt environments such as the coastal region or on a island.
But due to the high rise of the prices of Inox we now offer you a substitute: Aluminium. It is much cheaper, weighs less and is almost as good as Inox. 



We always bring all other variants to you personally, whereby we try to combine it with another order. We don't do this without a reason. The Robust variant is made from all-round trespa; beautiful and incredible strong, but vulnerable during transport and assembly. If you put this laughing mirror too hard, the extinguishers will jump out of the list. It is therefore important to treat these mirrors carefully until they hang. It can happen that we do send, then it often involves more than 1 piece. We then make a so-called export package; a neat box around the laughing mirrors.



Just say how many you want. Suppose you want 2 laughing mirrors with the same distortion, the type in 2 and choose the shape, you the get 2 the same laughing mirrors. If you want 2 (or 3 or more) different forms, you must always enter a new assignment. We also check wether you want 2 or more of the same before we start producing.


Material Frame

After a long search and testing, we have 3 materials for the smile mirror outdoor that we use to make these smiley mirrors.

1. Volkern Trespa 19mm available in various colors, we have various colors in stock
2. Plastic with a Wood grain available in 2 colors, not as incredibly sturdy and hard as trespa. Nice appearance due to the wood grain. We prefer to deliver gray as standard, does not get so hot and it's a nice neutral color. This plastic is not as heavy as Trespa and can be easily processed in our milling machines.
3. Robinia wood is also possible, very solid version, not standard available from stock, price in request. Price is in the order of magnitude of the laughing mirror HPL-series.



TYPE Distortion
Convex concave convex Gives you mirrored legs (double legs) and a short torso
Concave convex concave Makes you small and fat, and places you upside down on yourself at the top. (best mirror)
Convex length Makes shorter
Concave lenght Makes longer
Convex width Maakes long and narrow (Feel good mirror!) Tip: stand in front of it with your side!
Concave width Makes very broad when one is very close and copies you to 3 characters
Straight Normal mirror. Note: because acrylic is not really flat, there is always something of a distortion
No. 8 Replacement for those who do not want a straight mirror in a set purchase.



Reverse side

The choice of the rear is easily, by mounting on a wall we do 3mm trespa and by mounting between two poles we supply 6 mm. trespa.



An laughing mirror outdoor of the HPL serie is heavy. Partly because of the material used and partly because of the stainless steel mirror plate (from 9kg in the 150x68cm / 59,06x26,77inch), so a solid assembly is necessary. We have 2 solutions for this: 

1. Mounting between 2 posts. (not supplied, can be purchased at a timber store or do it yourself.) You fix the posts firmly in the ground with a gap of the width of the mirror. We drilled holes for M10 bolts in the overhangs, they are also not included because we do not know which pile thickness you purchase. We do advise you to put a rubber ring between the smile mirror and the post so that moisture does not get stuck between the frame and the post.

2. Mounting between 2 angels. A simple but good way to mount the distortingmirrors to a flat wall. It is not our choice, we prfer the mounting set. 

3. Mounting with our mounting set. We mount a solid wooden beam on the top and bottom. There are holes in it that you mark and drill in the wall. Depending on the substrate, you work with through and through bolts, bolt or threaded rod, chemical anchors or? That choice is yours. If the mirror hangs against the flat surface, attach the cover (everything is already pre-drilled, etc.) and ready! The assembly is invisible and robust!