Laughing mirrors for usage outdoor

Outdoor use of laughing mirrors is in high demand, but not as easy as it seems. If your Smile mirrors are intended for outdoor use, we will come in a very different prices category, but also in a different climate. Literally and figuratively.

With outdoor installation, the laughing mirror has to deal with weather influences such as temperature and precipitation, solar, heat, sometimes heat, and UV radiation. All these external factors mean that an outside laughing mirror must be much more robust than a laughing mirror for indoors. If they are also hanging in the public space, they must also be vandalism proof or foolproof. has a huge variety of laughing mirrors for indoors and now also has a whole range of options for outdoors. Broadly divided into 2 classes.


Extremely robust laughing mirror suitable for years of outdoor use

Smile mirror Outdoor ROBUST

Our most robust smiley mirrors, the ROBUST series made of solid Trespa, available in many colors with a stainless steel mirror. Mounting on a flat wall or between two posts. We prepare this so that you do not have to drill in Trespa. These smiley mirrors are reinforced on all vital parts so that they can have a lot. They weight an impressive 35 KG/ 77,16 pounds! It is therefore extremely important to assemble them properly. does not mount the laughing mirrors, for that you can hire a local handyman. We provide you with all tips and tricks and we have a montage film and magazine available. You will receive all of these after purchase. Delivery time of the robust series is 4 to 6 weeks depending on the trespa stock with us. These TRESPA smile mirrors have a modern sleek look.

Sturdy laughing mirror suitable for outdoor use

Smile mirror Outdoor FIRM

A second variant in whick our outdated laughing mirrors are available is what we call FIRM. They are solid, but not 100% bung-proof. This is because the material used, a special type of plastic, is considerably softer than trespa. Milling these frames is considerably cheaper than trespa and you will notice that in the price. So take a good look at your vandal resistance needs. And of course to your personal taste. This series has a rustic, more classic, almost chic appearance due to the imprinted wood grain structure.

 Laughing mirror which has been left outside for years while it is an indoor laughing mirror.

Smile mirror Indoor, hung outside



The photo on the right shows a smile mirror in the material BIRCHEN multiplex, whereby the Colorply lacquer layer is nog completely over. It is also no longer visible whether this was the White wash or Brown version. Click on the image for a larger view and look at ''2''. There you can see the varnish peeling off. The plywood is glued waterproof and withstands the rain and snow with full glory!



In most cases, we provide laughing mirrors for indoor use with acrylic mirrors. However, these are not moisture-resistant and so they will weather and get, to speak with Drew Pritchard, a nice ''Platina'', look at ''1'', that also applies to the frame of this smile mirror.



If you decide to hang a Forex mirror, you do not have to worry about the frame, the only thing that may have to be replaced with a number of years is the acrylic mirror. We do not glue the mirror into the rebates, so in theory the mirror plate is easy to replace, and we do that for a good price. We also treat the still of the frame in such a way that little or no water can remain behind. Because water affects the vaporised layer on the back of the acrylic. The weathering that results is beautiful but sometimes also annoying or appears as overdue maintenance. But of course not if it fits in the whole picture as in the phot on the right!