Distorting mirror set 150x68cm / 59,06x26,77inch (7 pieces)

€ 2.599,00 (without VAT 21%)


Distorting mirror set most sold 150 cm high.

Dimensions: 150x68x12cm / 59,06x26,77x4,72inch (HxWxD) 
Usage: Indoor
To hang: Yes, will be deliverd including mounting material and assembly instructions.
Stand: Yes, with optional free-standing supports.
Cornice: Yes
In stock: Yes
Delivery time: After receiving payment 3 to 4 business days (standard version)
Shapes: All, Click here for all shapes.

HPL in your color; you may want a specific color. In that case you have to purchase a complete plate which we have HPL in the color you choose. There are multiple mirrors from 1 plate, so we will contact you if you order multiple mirrors, because then the price per mirror will increase disproportionately and it is not possible for us to arrange this differently in this webshop system.


List: Indoor; Birch plywood
Mirror: Acrylic (standard)

Design frame

Super exclusive; The list of your smile mirror forms along with the mirror! 


A super exclusive version of your distorting mirror set 150x68cm / 59,06x26,77inch can be the so-called ''DISCO'' version. We stick many small mirrors the size of a business card on your mirror. This creates a special effect because people see themselves multiple times. Has a superattractive value especially for amusement parks and indoor playgrounds.

The original distortions are canceled. 

This version has a purely attractive version.

In addition, you can also choose to give the mirror a custom color. We offer you the option of gold-colored mirrors as standard. In addition, there are many other options, but please contact our office on no. 0031-(0)226-454143

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