Outside suitable laughing mirror with LED lighting

€ 1.799,00 (without VAT 21%)

Outside suitable laughing mirror with LED lighting


These beautiful laughing mirrors have a metal cabinet, Lexan plate for the laughing mirror and LED lighting on the mirror and in the cabinet. The LED lighting can play a program or display 1 color. We have obtained 16 copies by trade-in, checked them completely and made them where necessary, replaced LED strips etc. The laughing mirrors can be mutually linked so that you can give all linked mirrors different color commands with a DMX controller. (DMX controller not included, not required for operation).

The new value of these laughing mirrors was around € 5000 each. If you take a set of 7 pieces, you will receive a € 300 discount per mirror. The laughing mirrors themselves have some "patina" here and there. Not bothersome otherwise we would have replaced the mirrors. You see 1 laughing mirrors in these photos, but we have them in 8 different versions. The sizes are roughly 180x100x15cm.

These laughing mirrors are delivered plug and play FRANCO at 1 address in NL or Belgium.

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